Winter diet guide to lose weight smartly and swiftly

The life of a health freak is all about gaining and losing weight. But the majority of the health conscious people stick to the latter with immense dedication and determination. Losing weight is a problem for some, whereas for some the result of a strict and undistracted diet. If you are looking for that perfect winter guide to lose weight smartly and swiftly then you must scroll down and check what we have for you!

1. Drink cumin lukewarm water every early morning

Cumin water is a magic drink that helps one to keep all health issues at bay. Drinking cumin lukewarm water in an empty stomach every early morning will keep you in good spirits and improve digestion. It has numerous health benefits that will keep aid in maintaining your weight and pink health naturally.

2. Consume quinoa for breakfast 


Quinoa is a type of cereal that is gluten free and helps in weight management. You can consume quinoa or oats to stick to your diet. It has no added sugar and tastes great when mixed with veggies. If you plan to brunch add on some seasonal fruits and a cup of green tea to your plate

3. Consume bajra/ ragi/ jowar roti with freshly cooked sabzi and dal for lunch


Bajra, ragi and jowar are the three flours that should be included in your diet. They are high in antioxidants, vitamins and fibres. If you plan to stick to a diet this winter and wish to lose weight then do consume bajra/ ragi/ jowar roti with freshly cooked sabzi and dal for lunch

4. Eat dry fruits, nuts and seeds for snacks along with a cup of green tea


Nuts and seeds will keep you full for a longer time when you are on a strict diet. They help to lose weight instantly as they are loaded with fibers and proteins. Talking about green tea, it is the best detoxifying beverage to consume in the morning as well as in the evening.

5. Add paneer to your plate at night with a glass of turmeric milk


To sink into the richness of proteins and calcium, paneer is a saviour. It helps in burning fats excessively and keeps an eye on the weight regulating hormones. It keeps you full and digests slowly. In addition, paneer cuts down your appetite and turmeric milk with make you full in a jiffy

Now losing weight is a fuss free task if you plan your day according to the winter diet plan. No need to invest a lump sum amount in a gym or hire a dietician. These food items in your diet will promote a positive well-being and help you to lose almost 15kgs in a month naturally

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