We still sustainable by The Earth ?

Simply yes!


That was one short answer to a adventurous explanation below!

We Homo Sapiens are one of the 8.7 million species inhabiting the earth,still we consume 99.9% of earths resources and its prolonged use has been proved very costly to mother earth as well as by the other deserving species whose contribution would help mother earth revive!

But is it the right time for humans to give up the throne or still some work is left to finish??


Species Circle



We modern apes despite having the resources and knowledge to change and understand things have done very less to help the other life-forms co-exist with us.

Sure,security would be a problem but at stake is the throne of food chain which all species try to achieve!

The way we have exploited the nature and it's creatures,I am sure not other species,even dinosaurs would have exploited it!

Take it from climate change to killing animals,we have disturbed the balance in the ecosystem and have performed many unreversible changes our surroundings!

So I believe,mother Earth should not give up hope on us,because that's the rule of Karma that no person can escape it's destiny.One who does wrong will have to do it right before leaving his soul!

The destruction we have performed is unimaginable and only we have the ability to revert the changes in short time so our next generation can live in peace!


At last,it's my humble request to readers that destruct only that much which can be reverted back by you,else our survival could come at stake anytime soon!

Thank You 


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