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Whatever the identity of the winner in the US presidential election, after the end of the judicial battle that Donald Trump opened against Joe Biden, there are many events on the sidelines that warrant pause.


The debates in America reflected the extent of discontent with the way Trump is conducting the state counting battle. The frequency of phrases such as “America is the loser in all that happened,” and that Trump “caused unforgivable damage,” to the point of saying that some of them “kidnapped” his country, seem realistic, after he rushed to announce victory before completing the vote count. The announcement of his intention to go to the Supreme Court without explaining the reasons, and before there were any legal grounds for that, came to constitute a crude expression of his desire to bully her. This was due to his prior belief, without necessarily being true, that she would definitely be on his side, after he ensured, from his point of view, that she was biased towards him following the appointment of Judge Amy Cooney Barrett to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg, bringing the number of governors in her to six out of nine judges.


And all these practices seem to be expected from a person like him who does not accept loss easily, and is not ready to turn into the first American president to fail to obtain a second term, since this happened with George Bush Senior in 1992. Therefore, Trump was ready for anything, even if it required a lie. Dozens of times, not once, and invoked the theory of conspiracy, stealing elections and fraud.


As for Joe Biden, who realized, during the past two days, that he was approaching his last chance to fulfill a dream that he had always encountered and stumbled into, then his choice of confrontation and not to surrender came in line with his attempt, over the past months, to portray himself as the opposite of a reckless Trump. And if the Democratic candidate scored more than 71 million votes, setting a record in the history of the American elections, then the inability to resolve the presidential battle, which can be classified as one of the most polarizing entitlements in the history of the United States, with a "knockout and quick blow", due to There are at least 67 million Americans who see Trump as representing them, and expressing them, and for that they chose to vote for him.


It is true that the Corona virus succeeded in changing the form of voting, raising the rate of early voting from 47 million in the 2016 elections to more than one hundred million in 2020, which is almost double the rate, and the democratic candidate benefited from it. It is true that the strong presence of the Corona / Economy binary in these elections was in Biden's favor, with a large part of the voters tending to consider containing the epidemic a priority, even if it harmed the economy, but all of that was not enough.


An initial reading of voter trends, part of which was provided by American newspapers and news sites, through their early opinion polls, answers, at least partially, what happened, given the different size of samples and the nature of the questions. But what is constant in everything that has spread the bias of white voters to Trump, by a wide margin of not less than 15 percentage points. They constitute between 65% and 67% of the electorate in 2020. Trump also garnered at least a third of the vote of Hispanic Americans, in addition to showing initial results, he won more votes among blacks than he won in the 2016 elections. These numbers refer to a study, and to explain their reasons, after counting the last vote, especially since they may partially change, but they all lead to one conclusion, that Trump, with what he represents in the phenomenon in the history of American politics, has proven that he is still capable, after four years of rule , To convince millions of his ideas. Instead of the presidential battle in 2020 being a vote to reject his approach, the popular vote numbers came to say that he has a steady support base in the tens of millions, which inevitably means that his influence will not end until he leaves the White House.

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