Turkey on the way to becoming a superpower..

Turkey on the way to becoming a superpower..

The credit for moving Turkey on the path of development goes to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In his early days, he focused on the country's development without getting bogged down in any political issue, and revived the country's economy, which had been paralyzed by IMF loans, making Turkey the world's 16th largest economy in the world. Succeeded in creating a major economic power. Initially, Erdogan adopted a "zero problem" policy to live in peace with his neighbors. He tried to solve the problem of the Kurds in good faith and to a large extent he had taken steps to solve this problem, but inside the country, Turkish nationalists began to create problems for him and he The Turkish nationalist party Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) was forced to form an alliance with its own party. Also reviewed the policy. Especially after the failed coup on July 15, 2016, President Erdogan took full control of the army and cleared the army of elements that were considered a threat to President Erdogan. It was only after this failed coup that he reshaped foreign policy to restore Turkey's greatness, opened a large number of embassies in Africa and Latin America, and established close ties with countries with which Turkey had annexed. I forgot earlier. He slammed the Israeli president on international platforms for obstructing humanitarian aid to Palestine in 2010, regardless of the United States, and strongly criticized the relocation of the US embassy to East Jerusalem. Targeted as a violation of UN resolutions. He spoke at a time when all Western countries, and especially Islamic countries considered close to Pakistan, were reluctant to support Pakistan's position on the Kashmir issue. The policy adopted by Turkey in Syria forced a country like the United States to withdraw its support from the Kurds and Turkey to increase its military presence in the region. I succeeded. President Erdoانan has said that Turkey will continue to defend its rights on the world stage and will stand with its friends and oppressed brothers from Syria, Libya and the Mediterranean to the Caucasus.


Tensions between Greece and Turkey escalated when Turkey sent a drilling ship, the Orch, to search for gas on the high seas of Cyprus, before Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Egypt had signed a joint agreement on the possibility of gas presence in the Mediterranean region, while Turkey had been forgotten. Turkey retaliated when these countries left Turkey alone, and by signing an agreement with the legitimate government of Libya, created difficulties for Greece in the high seas of Cyprus. Although French President Emmanuel Macron also sought to expand his influence in the Middle East, Turkey strengthened its position in Libya, forcing Macron to step down. President Erdogan has also sharply criticized French President Macron for his anti-Islamic attitude, calling the exhibition of insulting sketches a reflection of a sick and inferior mind, while France has called President Erdogan's mental illness. Following the statement, Turkey recalled its ambassador.


Turkey is also very happy with the success of Azerbaijan at the moment because Turkey is behind Azerbaijan's success. This time, Russia is refraining from openly supporting Armenia because of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Russia's attitude has opened the door to success for Azerbaijan. Russia and Turkey are trying to establish their influence in the region. Although there are differences between the two countries on regional issues, Turkey and Russia still have deep business ties. Russia is Turkey's third largest trading partner and the most important country to meet Turkey's energy needs. The way in which Turkey, despite being a member of NATO, has bought the S400 anti-missile system from Russia without caring about the United States and has started testing it despite intense pressure and warnings from President Trump has created a new super in the Turkish region. It is emerging as a power and is steadily increasing its power in the region and there is probably no country or force to stop it from becoming a regional superpower.

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