The cheapest digital currencies with powerful investment projects

Do not imagine that the opportunity to invest in an asset like Bitcoin will never be repeated. Twelve years after

the advent of the first currency code, while its price has increased several thousand times compared to the first years of its emergence, we are still witnessing the emergence of high-growth currency codes. Some of the cheapest digital currencies on the market today are priced under $ 3 and are a great investment option. The low price allows you to have a large number of them without having to pay large sums.


Bitcoin has experienced great growth in recent years. Its market cap fluctuated above $ 1 trillion for a long time, before the fall in the price of digital currencies during the last week of May 1400! At this time, each unit of the cryptocurrency king was traded for over $ 60,000. The sharp rise in market value and the slowdown in growth compared to before, led many to invest in coins.


Considering the current price of Bitcoin and Atrium (on June 3, 1400, after the sharp fall of the market), you have to pay about $ 35,000 and $ 2,100, respectively, to buy a unit. However, some of the cheapest digital currencies on the market are priced below $ 3. Imagine being priced at just $ 100 a day!

Pay attention to the important criteria of Market Cup


Some newcomers to the cryptocurrency market think that the lower the price of a coin or token, the more room for growth. The potential of the project for growth must first be considered. Perhaps the capacity of a project does not allow it to exceed certain figures. Another very important criterion is the total market value or market cap.


Many people just look at the price of currency codes and compare them with each other, but this is completely wrong. Even in introducing the cheapest digital currencies, the Market Cap criterion should be considered. Calculating the market value of a cryptocurrency project is very simple, but allows us to gain a good understanding of the status of a project in the market. Another point is that a number of holders or traders only compare different digital currency market caps, but also pay constant attention to the market capital of a particular coin or token in order to evaluate how it works and find out its progress or decline. Going on time is essential.


Take Polkadat and Cardano, for example. On June 23, 1400, the price of these two is $ 18.3 and $ 1.4, respectively. You might think that the much lower price of ADA compared to DOT means more capacity for growth, but this is completely wrong; The ADA and DOT have a market capitalization of $ 43 billion and $ 17 billion, respectively, meaning that more capital is flowing into Cardano's cryptocurrency market. Of course, ADA is still one of the cheapest digital currencies suitable for investment! In the following, we will introduce it.

What is a market cap and how is it calculated?


Market Capitalization The current market value of a currency code. To calculate it, just multiply the amount of available assets (number of coins in circulation) by the price of each unit (price of each coin). Imagine on the Bitcoin network, X coins have been mined and released to date. The price of each BTC coin is equal to Y dollars. The market value of Bitcoin will be equal to X * Y dollars. X and Y are 18,713,700 and 35,282 according to the current market situation. Multiplying these two, we get the $ 660,256,763,400 billion bitcoin market cap. For the cheapest digital currencies, the market capitalization can be calculated in a similar way.


To better understand, let us give another example. Suppose there are two currency cryptocurrencies named Alice Quinn and Bob Quinn. Alice Quinn has 1,000 coins in circulation. 60,000 coins have been offered in Bob Quinn Network. Alice Quinn and Bob Quinn sell for $ 100 and $ 2 each, respectively. At first glance, you might think that Bob Quinn's lower price means less value, but in practice, we can not comment on the price. To do this, we must compare the capital of the foreign exchange market:


    Alice Quinn Market Value: $ 1,000 * 100 = $ 100,000

    Bob Quinn Market Value: $ 60,000 * 2 = $ 120,000


This is where the importance of calculating the market cap comes into play. The price of each coin is not a good criterion for evaluating the size of its market, and the total market capitalization must be calculated. At first glance, you might think Alice Quinn is more valuable than Bob Quinn because of her higher price (50 times higher), but in practice, a cheaper digital currency network is more valuable than a more expensive digital currency network. In this article, considering the importance of Market Cap, we pay attention to this criterion in introducing the cheapest digital currencies.

The cheapest digital currencies on the market to invest


Keep in mind that there is no risk-free investment, and this risk is multiplied by the types of cryptocurrencies. Do not consider the following options as a purchase offer from Bit24. Given the low price and convenience of the project, we will introduce only a few coins and tokens.


The developers of this project aimed to connect banks, payment service providers and exchange offices for digital assets. Thanks to their connection to each other, international payments are made much faster and cheaper. Although financial institutions and banks in many parts of the world have been banned from providing cryptocurrency-related services such as Bitcoin, several hundred banks and financial institutions are now working with Ripple.


Ripple has always been one of the top digital currencies on the market since its inception in 2012. Its proprietary currency code, XRP, has long been behind Bitcoin and Atrium as the third largest cryptocurrency project in terms of market cap, but was knocked down by an accident; The US Securities and Exchange Commission has accused Ripple Labs of selling $ 1.3 billion worth of unregistered XRP tokens. According to this source, XRP is not a currency code, but a securities. Then it was the turn of private sector investors to compete with the company.


Following these allegations, Kevin Bass, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, removed XRP from its platform. Many also sold their assets. This caused the price of each Ripple digital currency to drop by 20 cents ($ 0.2). However, Ripple Labs' victory in its last two court hearings healed its wounds. Many are hoping for the company's final victory in a legal battle with the SEC. According to many analysts, if this happens, the price of each XRP will probably rise above $ 5.


Ripple has always been one of the cheapest digital currencies. Its maximum price of $ 3.84 was recorded in the first month of 2018. This currency code is still struggling to touch this price again. If the developer RippleNet wins the dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it will see not only its historic ceiling, but also higher figures.


Even during the company's involvement with the SEC, Ripple experienced tremendous growth. At the end of 2020, the price of each XRP unit was $ 0.2324, but after winning the second court hearing, it even climbed to $ 1.9, which means a growth of over 600% in less than five months. After that, small and large investors rushed to buy Ripple again.


The XRP fell to 80 cents ($ 0.8) and the market cap fell to $ 37 billion on June 3, due to a sharp drop in currency currencies over the past week. If you decide to invest in the Ripple currency as one of the cheapest and most promising digital currencies, follow the news of this event until the end of the crisis with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Given the progress of the case so far and analysts' assessments of the final outcome, the probability of Ripple winning is high, but the possibility of its failure should not be ignored.


Cardano is a decentralized Chinese blockchain system for building decentralized applications as well as creating peer-to-peer transactions very quickly. The most important difference with Bitcoin and Atrium is the use of a different proof of stock (PoS) consensus algorithm instead of proof of work (PoW); In PoS, miners have been replaced by validators. The advantage of this is the elimination of the need for devices with very high processing power with high power consumption to verify and confirm transactions. Kadano's proprietary currency code with the ADA symbol is one of the cheapest digital currencies despite being one of the most powerful in the market in terms of value.


You do not need an ASIC Miner or Rig Mining to help process and verify transactions. In order to participate in this process, it is enough to keep some ADA in a wallet or so-called stick. By sticking, in addition to helping the network to be more stable and decentralized, you will receive an award in the form of Cardano's own currency code. It is interesting to note that the Atrium roadmap shows the migration of the PoS system from PoW. This project is called Atrium 2.0.


Cardano is not the only Chinese blockchain system that uses stock proof algorithm, but it is the largest PoS-based Chinese blockchain. In its network, ADA is used as one of the cheapest digital currencies on the market for peer-to-peer settlement in transactions. Its smart contract platform will be launched in the summer of 1400. We expect the cryptocurrency price to rise sharply after this. To date, nearly a hundred large companies have migrated to Cardano from Atrium. After the big update of the mentioned ecosystem, more people will use it.


The price of each ADA unit on June 23, 1400 is equal to $ 1.4. With a market cap of over $ 40 billion, one can not expect Cardano's price to grow several hundred percent in the short term, but given the strength of the project, it is a great option for those looking for a safe investment.


He China is a Chinese blockchain ecosystem designed and developed to improve supply chain management and business processes. It aims to simplify these processes and information flows for complex supply chains using distributed head office technology. A number of large companies use the Wei China system to track and monitor their inventory status.


Take, for example, the Norwegian company DNV (worth more than $ 20 billion). The company uses China to track commercial cargo ships and their items. Some analysts see his future as too bright for China, calling it the Chinese bloc for the next decade.


The Chinese ecosystem consists of two currency codes. Its main currency code has a VET symbol and the second system token has a VTHO symbol. We use VTHO to pay the fee (commission) for transactions. Both are among the cheapest digital currencies on the market. Investors holding a VET will receive a VTHO reward.


According to the market situation on June 3, 1400, the price of each digital currency in China is $ 0.1112 and its market cap is about $ 7 billion. Vetour is also traded as a completely independent digital currency in the market. The price of each unit is $ 0.008957 and the total market value is about $ 320 million.


Stellar, or Fully Stellar Lumens, is a decentralized open source protocol for the cheap transfer of digital currencies to Fiat currencies. This system allows cross-border transactions between any currency pair. Simply put, Stellar is a Chinese blockchain protocol for payment systems as a future project and one of the cheapest digital currencies. Its purpose was to facilitate the transfer of money around the world.


Not bad to know this project was developed by Jed McCaleb's ancestor who is one of the founders of Ripple. McCallough's grandfather is also the maker of Mt. Gox, one of the world's first cryptocurrency exchanges. Unfortunately, unlike Ripple and Stellar, this project was not successful; After launching in 2010, the Matt Gooks Exchange managed to capture over 70% of the Bitcoin exchange volume in three years. It was a great achievement, but the loss of nearly 850,000 bitcoins, possibly following a hack, bankrupted it.


In 2017, a partnership was formed between the Ukrainian government and Stellar. The government was trying to develop a national digital currency with the help of the system. Discussions on how to implement this huge project are still ongoing. If the Ukrainian national digital currency project is transformed from an idea on paper into an operational project, the price of Stellar will increase significantly.


According to the market situation on June 3, 1400, the price of each unit of its currency code with the symbol XLM is equal to $ 0.45 and the market has a copy of 10 billion dollars.


Theron is another popular Chinese blockchain system today. Here, too, it is possible to build smart contracts and decentralized applications. Theron has a peer-to-peer independent network. The Theron Foundation was one of the most successful in 2017, amid countless initial coin offerings (ICOs), raising $ 70 million. Since then, the cryptocurrency of the TRON ecosystem alone, TRX, has reached several billion dollars. Tronix (TRX) is currently one of the cheapest digital currencies on the market.


Justin Sun, 31, is the founder of the Theron Foundation. The capacity of the Theron ecosystem is such that some call it a competitor to the atrium. The Tron Foundation has several other powerful projects. An example is WINk. It is a decentralized gaming platform based on China Blockchain technology. Another very important project is BitTorrent. The project was founded in 2001, but the Theron Foundation bought it a few years ago. This is a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing. This system allows users to distribute a variety of digital files and all data over the Internet in a decentralized manner.


The developer states that the main goal of building the Tron network is to create a free, global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology. This network allows us to share a variety of digital content easily and cheaply. Theron is the next generation of social media and even, according to some, the next generation of the web!


According to Theron Foundation, content creators are not currently receiving real rewards for their efforts; The media industry has evolved over the past two decades, with several very large companies such as YouTube, Facebook and Apple controlling a large portion of digital content. These companies not only have control over what is visible, but also pour most of the profits from the content production site into their pockets.


According to the market situation on June 23, 1400, the price of each unit of Tronix is ​​equal to 0.07743 dollars and its market cap is about 5.5 billion dollars. Among the cheapest digital currencies, Tronix and BitTorrent, both have high growth potential. In the following, we will analyze the status of BitTorrent.

Bittorent (BTT)

It is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing platform created in 2001 by Bram Cohen. A few years ago, the system became the property of the Theron Foundation. After the Tron Foundation bought BitTorrent, the foundation's development team worked on further decentralizing it. The goal of BitTorrent is to enable the distribution and sharing of all types of files and any type of data in a decentralized manner.


Initially, most users used this system in a decentralized manner to download illegally and without copyright all kinds of movies and multimedia files. Some time later, when the project was funded by private investment, it was able to contract with seven major film studios to get rid of copyright infringement issues.


Over the past two years, BitTorrent, one of the cheapest digital currencies on the market today, has been licensed to share content by a significant number of film studios. It was after this that the price of the platform-specific cryptocurrency of the platform with the symbol BTT experienced a significant growth and its market cap even increased to 7 billion dollars!


Its price fell again after a big jump. At present, BitTorrent digital currency is no longer among the top 20 options based on Market Cup, and its ranking has been reduced to 45. However, due to its very high growth potential in the coming years, we have introduced BTT as one of the cheapest futures and investment digital currencies. BitTorrent solves large file sharing issues in the real world. Undoubtedly, year by year, the need to use such a system will become more and more users.


It is interesting to know that Chia Quinn (XCH), which has caused a lot of noise these days and has caused the scarcity of SSD hard drives in the market, is a creative project for Cohen! After selling BitTorrent to the Theron Foundation, he spent time developing Chia. In this network of cryptocurrencies, a completely different consensus algorithm is used. Here, instead of processing power, we need storage space to process transactions and help decentralize the network. Because of this different way of doing things, Chia Quinn's popularity skyrocketed right after Ilan Mask criticized Bitcoin miners for high energy consumption.


BitTorrent has recently been added to the Poloniex currency code exchange and has been enabled by stickers. It is worth mentioning that one of the owners and investors of the mentioned exchange office, Mr. Justin is the founder and owner of the Theron Foundation.


According to the market situation on June 3, 1400, the price of each BTT unit is equal to 0.004293 dollars and its total market value is equal to 2.8 billion dollars.

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