What are wooden crafts? Wooden handicrafts in Indonesia have existed since ancient times. It can be seen from various ancient relics made of wood. Wood is one of the handicraft materials that can be created into many things. Easy to work with, here are a variety of craft ideas from wood that are easy to make.

What handicraft products can be made from wood? Not many people know about the many creative wood-based products that can be used daily.


How to make crafts from wood? Do you think making handicrafts from wood is difficult? You could be wrong, because making crafts from wood is not too difficult. Let's look at this wooden craft idea that you can make yourself.

Let's make a wood ashtray. You can wear it yourself or sell it to make money. Let's prepare the ingredients and tools immediately.


1. You need used bamboo and used boards. In addition, provide wood glue and sandpaper and varnish. For the tools you need a saw and knife and scissors.

2. First make a frame by splitting the board. Try to keep it 1 inch wide and 12 cm long. Then cut the edge of the board at an angle. Make 8 pieces to make 2 squares. Then glue all the parts with glue.

3. Then you can just split the thin bamboo. Cut it to a length of 7cm.

4. Glue the bamboo strips around the inner frame. Then also cover the bottom of the frame and stick the bamboo on the top frame.

5. If all parts of the ashtray have been installed, it's time for you to grease the ashtray with glue, then sand it until it's dry.

6.Varnish the ashtray to make it look more attractive.

7. Next, stick the bamboo trim around the ashtray and then attach the bamboo pieces to place the cigarettes.

Want to have a different pencil holder than the others. If you want something unique, you can make it yourself. You can make a pencil holder from wood. You can put the result on the table to make it a decoration too.


1. Immediately prepare the saw and small drill. You also need a small wood for the main material. Next, you are ready to make a pencil holder craft.

2. Cut the wood to the width and height according to taste.

3. Make a hole in the wood. You can use a drill and make a pattern or drill randomly.

4. Finally, varnish the pencil holder and you just need to insert your pencil

Just make decorative lights from wood. Besides looking vintage, this one decoration is also useful for lighting up the house right.


1. Immediately prepare the saw and glue as well as the drill and nails. Besides that, you can also prepare paint and sandpaper and a cutter. You also need a hammer and plywood. Also prepare the lamp and the lamp holder.

2. Make the lamp body prepare 4 pieces of plywood size 30 x 13 cm.

3. Also prepare the trim of the lamp body by cutting 8 pieces of plywood with a size of 14 x 3 cm.

4. Prepare the lamp fittings by cutting 4 plywood sizes 12 x 3 cm.

5. And cut another 12 x 12 cm plywood for the lamp holder.

6. Then immediately perforate all the lamp body plywood.

7. Glue all the parts together.

8. Strengthen all the parts that have been glued using nails.

9. Then sand it so that the remaining dirt on the plywood is gone. This is also to make the plywood smoother.

10. Please paint the plywood to make it more attractive.

11. After that, install the lights and the product is ready to use.


Want to beautify items at home, just start with the easiest. Let's make hot coffee pots and coats. Use the wood around us to make it. Easy and cheap besides that it can test creativity too.

1. Prepare 20 bamboo chopsticks or wooden chopsticks. Besides that, you also have to prepare duct tape and glue.

2. Place the two strips of duct tape side up. Position the chopsticks according to the length.

3. Line 20 chopsticks on top of the duct tape at a distance of 1 cm per chopstick.

4. If the chopsticks are lined up, just put the duct tape on the chopsticks again.

5. Hot pot base is ready.

Well, that's a variety of wooden craft creations that you can try at home. This wooden craft has very high artistic value. If you are interested in making it this could be a business opportunity.

A unique thing can be expensive and become an attraction for art lovers.

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