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Computer courses are technology-related courses in India. Earlier, informal training was given to the people who entered the pc/computer repair business. But, today there are formal technical institutions providing computer hardware repair training course. Students who want to enter the IT industry, this course is the best option.


To get admission in the computer hardware repair training course, one has to join a certified institute. The institutes must have years of experience in training students. Most of the reputed institutes focus on making students work on innovative concepts for safer, faster, and powerful system build. There are separate practical and theory based sessions that help a student to learn all about the course modules.  Computer Training Institutes:

Fee of Computer Hardware Course:

The fee varies from one institute to another institute. You can go and check the institute brochure to know the admission fee. Some of the institutes also offer fee discounts according to various schemes. Therefore, it is up to you to select the course level or institute.

Tools Requirement:

If you join a computer hardware institute, they will provide you all the tools and machines for practice. Start from using simple tools like screwdrivers, chip inserter, and extractor, head screwdrivers, small container, soldering gun, magnetic tools, and many more. Good institutes often provide students with a complete hardware kit on course completion.

Course Duration:

The duration is normally of few 2 to 3 months. Since, it is a short-term course; different modules are designed based on total number of days. Hardware technology practical and theory classes help students to learn various computer pc repairing techniques. During computer hardware repair training course students work on troubleshooting conditions like dead screen, display problems, CD Rom issues,  desktop assembling/disassembling, sound driver problems and much more.

Future Scope:

Hardware & networking both are IT essential skills. You cannot enter the industry unless you have done certificate courses in computer hardware or networking. Modern companies are very particular about the course. They always hire trained professionals having experience in repairing computer hardware and networking course. As a hardware engineer, a person has to handle:

  • Designing of new hardware models
  • Installation of hardware components
  • Upgrading the current computer system
  • Testing of computer hardware for accurate functioning
  • Design and research on the circuit & electronic components
  • Controlling the efficiency of the process
  • Specifying power supply of the hardware system

Computer hardware repair course has come up as one of the most popular professional courses in India. There are certification programs offered by several institutes. The computer engineering industry will grow more and more. HenceFree Web Content, joining such a course will take your career to the next level.

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