Who is Imran khan?

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan was born on November 25, 1952, in Lahore, Pakistan. He is well known because he is considered to be the hero of the Pakistani cricket team. He became a national hero by leading Pakistan’s national team to a Cricket World Cup victory in 1992 and later entered politics as a critic of government corruption in Pakistan. He was a Pakistani cricket player. Now he is a politician, philanthropist, and prime minister of Pakistan. He became prime minister of Pakistan in 2018 till now.



The early life of Imran khan

Khan belongs to a prosperous Pashtun family in Lahore and studied at first-class schools in Pakistan and the United Kingdom, including the Royal Grammar School in Worcester and Aitchison College in Lahore. He was a student carrying tough subjects like There were a few achieved cricket players in his family, including two senior cousins, Javed Burki and Majid Khan, who both filled in as chiefs of the Pakistani cricket national team.


Early age and cricket


He played cricket in Pakistan and the United Kingdom during his student life when he was a young teen. He played his first match for Pakistan’s national team in 1971, but did not take a permanent place in the team until after his graduation from Oxford in 1976.


 In the early 1980’s he played as an all-rounder and was the captain of the Pakistani cricket team in 1982. In 1992 Khan achieved his greatest athletic success when he led the Pakistani team to its first World Cup title, defeating England in the final. He resigned that very year, having made sure about standing as one of the best cricket major players in history.



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