How young is your brain?

How young is your brain?

Check how far you are from dementia - a set of symptoms caused by disorders that affect the brain, in simple words, the inability to perform daily tasks due to reduced cognitive ability.

Please look at the picture of the Japanese author, the picture has hidden images of a duck, a butterfly and a bat.

Interestingly, children find these drawings much faster than adults, and in Japan, similar tests are passed by the elderly who want to get a driver's license.

If you find one of them - you should worry, dementia is just around the corner.

If two is not so bad, you have a chance for the future,

Well, if all the characters - you are young and healthy, why do you need this test?

If you have not found one - unfortunately, it's time to write down who you are and what your name is and re-read this note every morning)).

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