Affiliate Marketing Vs. Freelance Writing: Which Option Provides Income Faste

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The thought of being your boss is intriguing to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The idea of escaping the 9-5 grind has many anxious to reach that goal as soon as possible.

While there is no get-rich-quick solution, many often seek ways to make money the fastest.

With many successful business owners proclaiming they have the answer to this question, how can anyone be sure of the best option?

There are two options to compare when considering a legit way to make money through online ventures.

The two methods discussed here are affiliate marketing and freelance writing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So, first, what’s affiliate marketing?

The affiliate marketer is given a referral link to place on their site, which the buyer clicks to purchase a product or service.

In compensation for the sale, the affiliate marketer receives a commission.

Now, there are several ways to acquire commissions.

Reviewing products is one of the best-known strategies for affiliate marketing.

It builds credibility when someone can prove they are using or have used a product or service they convince others to purchase.

Some affiliate marketers sites set up sites to review products for businesses.

Once you give an honest, informative review, an individual may decide to buy the product or service.

So, the affiliate marketer is the middleman between the customer and the retailer.

While this sounds simple, it could take quite some time to generate an income through this option.

Some have reported waiting from several months to a few years before yielding their desired results.

For those who are eager to start making money immediately, this may not be the best choice.

However, you will see later in this post how affiliate marketing can also tie into freelance writing.

What is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is a service offered to businesses.

For those who possess the proper skills, freelance writing could be a goldmine.

Many blog and website owners may not have the time or skills to produce content.

That’s where the freelance writer comes into the equation.

There are a variety of writing services completed online and offline.

Providing content for websites and blogs are popular services to offer.

Creating company brochures is another way to provide freelance writing services.

For those who already have business relationships, offering writing services could be a way to start earning money quickly.

Now, some freelance writers own blogs or websites.

They may decide to share with readers the types of products and services they used to get their business started through a resources page.

This page will have links to the products and services they use for their site when someone clicks on a link to make a purchase.

The freelance writer will receive a commission.

This approach creates multiple streams of income, one through writing services and the other through affiliate marketing.

Deciding Which is Best for You

Both options require a marketing plan to get the word out.

However, your financial situation at the time of starting your business may help you decide which is the best fit.

Your chance of making $500 your first month as a freelance writer is probably greater than doing the same with affiliate marketing.

However, if you can afford to wait for the results you want to achieve as an affiliate marketer, the work could be even more rewarding.

Keep in mind that you can incorporate both options to create multiple streams of income.

The best way to decide is by making a list of the goals you want to achieve.

Determining your desired goals will help you determine which path to choose.

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