advantages of technology


  What are the advantages of technology?


  advantages of technology are discussed below:


  1) Increased food production: we depend on food to live.  With the introduction of cultivation methods and techniques, humans can increase food production.  Modern irrigation technologies have helped cultivate land that would otherwise be considered barren.  Agricultural equipment, such as a tractor, helps the farmer in his agriculture.


  2) Increase in industrial production: As a result of the introduction of technology in the production process of goods, there has been a tremendous increase in industrial production.  Automation of industrial processes has resulted in effective and efficient processing tasks.  Large industries make good use of engineering technology for large-scale production of goods.



  Conclusion: technology, without a doubt, has made life easier for human beings.  It has proven to be a great blessing in the process of developing culture and society.  However, too much of something is bad.  Technology should be used with due care and caution only for purposes that are beneficial to humanity.





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