Which Country Managed to Acquire The Most Number Of Billionaires this Decade

In the decade that started in 2010, straight off of the Great Recession, economic growth expanded, and stock markets all over the world registered years of notable upticks. All this helped fuel tremendous growth in great fortunes

Forbes published a list of the World’s Billionaires in April, and according to that list, the number of billionaires worldwide almost tripled in the last decade, reaching 2,095. The collective net worth of this elite group, when combined, is at $8 trillion. A decade ago, it was just at $3.5 trillion. Sixty-one countries and domains have augmented billionaires in that short time frame!

Let’s Talk Data & Stats

Among all the other continents, Asia has been especially productive in gaining billionaires. In fact, China grabbed the first slot by acquiring the most number of them this decade, having 389 billionaires—up from 64 in 2010. That’s not even including Hong Kong’s additional 66 elites!

Thailand grabbed the second spot, as it went from three billionaires in 2010 to 20 in 2020. Fortunes also flooded in Singapore, making the number of billionaires to 26. India saw a 108% expansion from 2010, bringing the country’s total to 102 tycoons by this year.

Four of the leading ten nations, which saw a significant development in numbers of billionaires are in Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France. Meanwhile, 18 more countries, which had no billionaires in 2010, were able to pick up at least one billionaire this decade, including Nevis, Nepal, Tanzania, Qatar, Tanzania, and St. Kitts.

Shock ahead!

Be that as it may, the riches haven’t spread all over the world. Ten nations, including Saudi Arabia, Belgium, New Zealand, saw a decline in their billionaire residents.

Forbes actually decided not to list billionaires from Saudi Arabia in 2018 after substantial data on their assets dried out.

You might also be surprised to learn that four other countries, including Georgia, Kuwait, Lebanon, and UAE, had retained a similar number of billionaires since 2010.

Unveiling The Top 10!

With all that’s been said, we now give you the Forbes’ top 10 countries and domains that attained the most billionaires of the decade!


Billionaires attained since 2010: +325

Total billionaires today: 389

Renowned rookies: Li Yongxin, Robin Zeng


Billionaires attained since 2010: +210

Total billionaires today: 614

Renowned rookies: MacKenzie Bezos, Kylie Jenner, and Tim Sweeney


Billionaires attained since 2010: +55

Total billionaires today: 107

Renowned rookies: Gabriella Meister & family


Billionaires attained since 2010: +53

Total billionaires today: 102

Renowned rookies: Byju Raveendran


Billionaires attained since 2010: +41

Total billionaires today: 66

Renowned rookies: Zhuo Jun, Tang Shing-bor


Billionaires attained since 2010: +38

Total billionaires today: 99

Renowned rookies: Tatyana Bakalchuk, Alexey Repik


Billionaires attained since 2010: +27

Total billionaires today: 39

Renowned rookies: Mohed Altrad, Patrick Drahi


Billionaires attained since 2010: +27

Total billionaires today: 45

Renowned rookies: Luis Frias, Luciano Hang


Billionaires attained since 2010: +24

Total billionaires today: 35

Renowned rookies: Urs Wietlisbach, Michael Pieper


Billionaires attained since 2010: +23

Total billionaires today: 36


Renowned rookies: Romano Minozzi, Gustavo Denegri

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