Methods To Boost Your Wifi Signal That Actually Help

There is absolutely nothing more frustrating that a wifi signal that just doesn’t work. This is especially true since many of us have been working from home. Internet connected has never been as important as it is now, as we need it for work, entertainment, and much more. But not all hope is lost, here are some tricks to try in order to improve your connectivity when your wifi is the most disconnected

Change Up Your Home’s Layout

The signal coming from your router can sometimes be limited by barriers and distances. The radio waves are quite short as compared to the ones used in radio transmissions, so the devices that are closer to your router tend to stay more connected.

If you live in a large space, you might consider getting extra boosters to your router and position them around the house in order to expand your service coverage

Find The Sweet Spot

If you’re already rearranging the things around your apartment to accommodate your router, you should also keep in mind that electrical equipment can interfere with your wifi signal. That includes TVs and radios. Make sure you avoid placing your router near these devices.

You should also keep your router higher up rather than on the ground, since most routers will direct the signal downwards

Try Out SD

If you find that your connection is extremely slow, you might want to try out switching from high definition (HD) to SD while you’re watching a YouTube video or any other video. HD makes it more difficult to load a program, so everything else will be slowed down as well

Avoid Extension Cables

If you can plug your device directly to your router, your signal’s strength will be better. That means plugging in your laptop to an ethernet cable. You should also avoid plugging your router to the wall using an extension cable as it will weaken the connection

Speak To Your Provider

If your internet connection is still extremely slow, it might be time to speak with your provider. First, check your speed using an online speed test. If it shows that it is not providing the connectivity level you’re paying for, get in touch with your provider to see what can be done


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